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Kickin it off at Wellesley! October 12, 2009

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We kicked off the 2009/2010 SCFG year with the first of two Show Me the Science, Reverse Science Fairs, on Saturday, September 26th at Wellesley College. It was the 2nd annual event for SCFG-Newton with eight teams, forty-four girls, many Wellesley student volunteers, and the ever strong Newton Steering Committee making it a fun and exciting day for all.

Learning about smart paper and microcapsules

Learning about smart paper and microcapsules

So, I have had people ask me… what is a reverse science fair? Remember how fun it was to get creative and think of an experiment for your school science fair that would be the best. That’s just what it is, teams presenting experiments to SCFG members in grades K through grade 7. We have been fortunate to attract all types of groups to create a science fair exhibit to show the science in everyday life. Well these teams, really came through this year, again.

It is so rewarding to see the delight in the girls as returning SCFG members see friends from last year’s club and new girls make new friends.   We started off with a simple team building activity, having the girls see which team could the stack cups the highest before heading off to the reverse science fair.

What's going on with your joints & bones?

What's going on with your joints & bones?

The clank of the cowbell and blair of the whistle, every 15 minutes, had the eight teams of girls rotate around to each of the tables.  There were teams from: Wellesley College, Olin College of Engineering, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Northeastern, UMass Lowell-SWE, Green Decade, SCFG JM/Wellesley Students, and the Newton Fire Department.

Girls were fascinated with the wide array of science and engineering topics that were covered, and exploring different concepts such as: what types of vegetables (potato, lime, lemon, kiwi) conduct electricity the best; how a cat lands on its toes and what this tells us about injuries of the foot; visualizing how much DNA is packed in a nucleus by trying to stuff a sleeping bag into a bag; and adding a drop of hand sanitizer to a pan of water with pepper to watch how the germs are repelled. Read more about the Wellesley team’s exhibit here.

It takes lots of work to plan this event and it is worth every minute of it to see how excited the girls are about learning, and having exhibitors remember why they love science.  A special thank you to Wellesley College for collaborating with SCFG and making it such a successful event.

Figuring it out!

Figuring it out!

Our second SMTS this year will be on Saturday, October 24th at Wentworth’s Watson Auditorium.  This event is open to girls in grades K – 6 and is FREE!  So come out and see what science is all about!



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