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Science Club for Girls Appreciates Veteran Mentor Scientists November 2, 2009

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This month Science Club for Girls is appreciating two pairs of returning Mentor Scientists by featuring them in two three-minute YouTube spots.

Jeanette Lim and Carolyn Eng are both graduate students at Harvard in Biomechanics. Carolyn started out on the road to medical school before she found her passion for research. Jeanette saw in Biomechanics an opportunity for her to “apply Math and Physics principles to Biology questions.” They are excited to see so many women entering Biomechanics, and believe that this trend will continue. Carolyn found out about Science Club through a club at Harvard for women in Science and Engineering, and Jeanette got involved through Carolyn. This is Carolyn’s third semester serving at the Amigos school, and Jeanette’s second. We hope they continue to serve with Science Club! (Background song credit: Andrew Bird, “Measuring Cups”)

Lori Fingerhut and Danielle Pike are both sophomores at Tufts University. Lori is majoring in Biology and hopes to be a doctor someday, and Danielle is double majoring in Math and Child Development, and aspires to be a high school math teacher. Both women are happy to report that there are lots of women in their science and math classes. They’ve been friends since freshmen orientation, living in the same dorm and playing in Pep Band together, and both women got involved with Science Club for Girls last year. They are currently working towards building a SCFG college chapter at Tufts, to bring more Mentor Scientists to Cambridge and Boston Public Schools. Thanks for your hard work! (Background song credit: Electric Light Orchestra, “Blue Sky”)

Next month Science Club for Girls is going to appreciate Mentor Scientists who go ‘Above & Beyond’. If you believe your co-mentor fits this description, please send a nomination to Jules at jburnstein@scienceclubforgirls.org. I’ll be accepting nominations until Wednesday, 11/11.

And, of course, thanks to ALL mentors for their hard work and dedication. We wouldn’t be anything without you!



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