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Our Junior Mentors (JMs) November 30, 2009

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The new school year has brought in a new crop of 7th graders serving as Junior Mentors for the very first time and a returning group of experienced and talented Junior Mentors. Whether new or old, these young women are working hard to lead fun and enlightening club sessions for all of the girls. The 7th graders are learning the ropes of mentorship and teaching, experiencing challenges and triumphs weekly. The returning 8th through 12th grade Junior Mentors are stronger than ever and taking the lead in their clubs. All of these Junior Mentors have incredible talent and are truly fascinating to watch.

At Fletcher Maynard Academy, one of our new 7th grade Junior Mentors has stood out from the very beginning. From the inflection in her voice to the many encouraging hugs she gives, it is very clear that Akhere has mastered being a Junior Mentor after only five weeks. She is constantly thinking on her feet and bringing the experiments to life by relating everyday phenomena to the question of the day. Having learned how to teach through inquiry from her mom who is an elementary school teacher, Akhere is able to harness the girls’ attention by asking countless questions about the experiments. With this sort of talent, it will not be long before Akhere is running her own club.

At the King Open, Khadeja, Destiny, and Ciara are a trio of Junior Mentors who are truly inspiring. Their past experience participating with SCFG has provided them a canny knack for running the Kindergarten club at King Open. They have developed strong and unique relationships with each girl in their club; allowing these Junior Mentors to speak at length about the personalities, interests, and even learning styles of each girl. This triad also formed a discipline policy in the first week of clubs and has continually followed through with it on their own initiative. They know very well that disorganization and disruption in a club significantly decreases the fun and learning for each girl. So these three take their jobs as mentors and teachers very seriously, hoping that the kindergartners get the most out of their club experience and keep coming back to us.

Great job ladies! I am really looking forward to seeing each one of you grow as leaders and role models.



1. jburnstein - November 30, 2009

On behalf of the Mentor Scientists, thank you JMs for all your hard work!

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