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Sports Extravaganza December 14, 2009

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On November 21st, Wellesley College hosted a Sports Extravaganza for twenty-seven SCFG middle school girls. Our girls from Cambridge, and Newton/Myrtle clubs ventured to the college for a day filled with hands-on activities, a foot print lab, analyzing a women’s basketball game utilizing their new-found knowledge in sports medicine, and rounding out the day with dinner with their parents to to learn about what foods best fuel the body for high energy activities.

Connie Bauman, Wellesley College professor, led an amazing team of students: Lauren, Andrea, Jenny, Leslie, Hannah, and Amy who developed and delivered a very engaging sports medicine curriculum. Having the opportunity to bring enthusiastic college women and inquisitive middle school girls together to explore science medicine is so rewarding.

Several of the Wellesley College team members shared comments about their experience that I think says it all.

“The girls were eager to connect what I was teaching them on paper with real life, evidenced by their interest in the footprint lab. I had a student who, entirely on her own, used medical tape to make a set of “ribs” on her jacket, representing where her own ribs would be! What I find most compelling about anatomy and kinesiology is that everything that we learn is actually happening in our own bodies. I think reinforcing these personal and practical applications of information makes students eager to understand it.” Lauren

“I was thrilled that the girls were so anxious to apply their newly-learned knowledge about sports medicine so quickly. After we had discussed some basic anatomy and causes of injury, one of the girls found a picture of a very bruised ankle posted in the athletic training room. She was very curious about what type of injury it represented and proceeded to lead a group discussion about the possible diagnosis. Many of the girls successfully applied what they had learned to analyze their own past sports injuries. My experience teaching them about sports medicine was so rewarding because I could see how excited they were about the material!” Jenny

The footprint lab was a real hit! I understand that armed with their newly acquired knowledge of what type of shoes different foot types should wear to prevent injuries, many of the girls have already provided information to their parents.

“As much as it was a joy to see the younger girls engaged with the material, the challenge of reaching the 8th grade girls left quite an impression. I learned not only that I need to adjust and adapt my teaching style and present the material differently, but I was also struck with how incredibly important it is to engage them in science. At their age, right when they are entering high school and have the opportunity to learn the “hard” sciences such as biology, chemistry and physics,…Now I feel an even greater sense of urgency to reach out to these middle school girls and create a positive science mindset that students will embrace.” Andrea

Many SCFG parents shared with us what an amazing day this was for their daughters.

  • “She was impressed by the knowledge and infectious enthusiasm of students and teachers she met.”
  • “She was bubbling with the experience, the basketball game and talked non stop about what she learned.”
  • “This was a wonderful event!”

Many,many thanks to the Wellesley College team who made this happen including Jocelyne who worked all the logistics as well as Cambridge parent and basketball coach Tameka Ewing who chaperoned the Cambridge troupe. What a great collaborative effort! We are looking forward to our continued partnership and the team that will lead a SCFG Grade 6 to 8 club for the Spring session at Newton-Myrtle.



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