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Show Me The Science – Redux January 24, 2010

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Leonard students enjoying the show

On Thursday, January 21, Show Me The Science returned with a bang! More than 80 youth at the Leonard Middle School in Lawrence were taken for a ride unlike anything they had ever experienced before. For anyone who has been to our reverse science fair events, you know that they are not to be missed, and this one was no exception!

Terry The Inventor Mentor

Terry The Inventor Mentor

What is cooler than catapults and cranes? Why pythons and rockets of course, and we had them all! Our friend Terry, the Inventor Mentor, kicked things off by launching a few rockets and floating some kids around the gym on his hovercraft (now you want a ride on a hovercraft, don’t you?). The Leonard students were really excited to see all the cool things that Terry could do with a few household objects, some simple science and engineering know-how, and lots of redesigning. But there was so much more left to explore!

Jill Geiser and Monty

Principal Geiser and Monty getting to know one another

Volunteers from EMC, Mass Academy of Sciences, Raytheon, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Yoplait (General Mills), and even youth from our own programs at Movement City, put together interactive tables on topics ranging from optics and smart textiles to the viscosity of yogurt and the density of liquids. There were many times when you could hear a student exclaim: “Woah, can we do that in class?!” or “Awesome, I didn’t know you could do that!” It is always great to get youth excited about science but it is even better when an educator gets excited too! Many teachers told us that they have never seen their students more excited to learn about science and really liked all of the interactive and hands-on experiments. We even got the Principal of the Leonard School, Jill Geiser, to get hands on with Mass Academy’s resident rockstar – Monty the python.

We just want to send out a big thank you to The Leonard and Principal Geiser for letting us come to their school and spend time with them. Also to our volunteers and presenters, without whom NONE of this would be possible.

If you missed this Show Me the Science, fear not! Our fourth, and final, event for our school year will take place on Saturday, April 10 in Boston. The event is free and for girls in grades K2 – 6 so mark your calendars if you would like to attend. Also, we are always looking for volunteers who want to share their love of science with these awesome youth so if you would like to help out or host a table, be sure to fill out our application online TODAY!



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