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Fifty waterproof scientists brave the rain for a fun night of food, awards and trivia! April 4, 2010

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Fifty scientists braved the rain to celebrate their awesomeness

On a day more fit for ‘Lost’ reruns and hot chocolate with marshmallows, over fifty people made the journey to Tavern in the Square for an awesome night of good food, fun awards, and trivia. The night started off at 7:30 with appetizers (risotto fritters were the big hit- also served were two kinds of chicken wings and three kinds of thin-crust pizza) and socializing. In addition to name, site, and subject of work/study, everyone’s name tag also reported their favorite cuisine, and favorite/least favorite thing about Boston, which provided many entertaining nuggets of conversation. I, for one, was ridiculed by a Californian for loving Boston Burritos. Come on! Anna’s, anyone?

Lauren Silverman gives the keynote speech

At 8:15, began the awards. Lauren Silverman of Novartis, newly-elected to the board, gave a keynote speech about the importance of science and volunteering. Then, all the site coordinators presented ‘Carsons’ handmade by yours truly (named in honor of both Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, and Carson the SCFG fish, who passed away last week) to exceptional volunteers at their sites.

Exceptional Mentors show off their awards

About two-thirds of those in attendance stayed for an entertaining and challenging round of trivia, hosted by Tavern in the Square. We got two shout-outs by the MC, who welcomed the mentor scientists and thanked us for our service. Though none of the Science Club teams (divided by site) won a top prize, the Cambridgeport squad did pretty well for themselves and topped FMA and Amigos/King Open. Trivia was so much fun we’re planning on making it a regular get-together event, once a month on Tuesdays.

Mentors share their favorite memories on a colorful whiteboard

All in all it was an eventful and entertaining evening. Big thanks to Tavern in the Square for donating half the appetizers, soda and balloons, to Sonya Kovacic for donating her photographer skills, and to Central Square Florist for donating the daffodil centerpieces. See you next month for trivia!



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