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An Adventure to the Museum of Science April 15, 2010

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Move over Ben Stiller! Science Club for Girls had a real Night at the Museum on March 5th, 2010. Packed with sleeping bags and pillows, 5th and 6th grade girls from SCFG’s Cambridge clubs and 1st-5th grade girls from SCFG Myrtle Baptist Church participated in the Camp-In at the Museum of Science. Several weekends thoughout the year the Museum of Science keeps its doors open for student groups to come. Girls Scout troops come in large numbers, as well as schools and church groups from as far away as Maine and New York. Groups like ours take advantage of this right in our own backyard! We are pros now, having been there annually for the past 3 years.

The experience itself is action packed and all around fun. At 7pm the girls enjoyed the Opening ceremony and learned about momentum and energy using a life sized Newton’s Cradle made out of bowling balls! By 8pm they were building dinosaur sculptures as part of the group activity in the Blue Wing Basement. They munched Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream for snack as they ran around the entire museum exploring, touching, laughing and (shh!) learning. At 11pm, girls found their second wind at the Lightning Show in the Theater of Electricity. When it was bedtime, girls settled in groups for a night of giggling and snoring. Wake up was bright and early and almost none of the chaperones got any sleep, and we had to have breakfast and catch two more presentations before the Camp-In was over. Each girl then received a year long free pass to the Museum and a free ticket to an Omni Show as a gift for coming. Girls didn’t want it to end, but indeed our time was up.

It’s fieldtrips like this that put the icing on the cake for a few of the older girls in Science Club. Many of them have been in the clubs since first grade and all of them have been to the Museum of Science before, but having the chance to do something special like this helps to make them feel recognized as the older girls in the clubs with privileges that come after showing dedication and commitment. And from a program perspective, the field trip is what brings a lot of girls back for another year of science. Plus, who doesn’t like a sleepover? We’re ready for next year!



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