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Because Light Travels Faster Than Sound May 10, 2010

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During April vacation week we put on two programs, one in Newton and one in Boston at the Boys and Girls Club of Roxbury.  Our program structure was fairly similar: great interactive workshops in the mornings and interesting hands on field trips in the afternoons.  All resulting in girls who were engaged in, and excited about, SCIENCE!

Our girls in Boston had a chance to learn about the environment while building their own animals and plankton with resident mentor Emiko Fire.  They also got hands on with mentor Leslie Mebane, who taught the girls about the world of biospheres and helped them build new homes for their shrimp and snail friends!

A note from a parent: I just wanted to let you know my daughter absolutely LOVED the Science Event. The first day she was able to bring home a pet shrimp. She said to me; “Mommy, I don’t need a dog or cat anymore, I have a pet shrimp. Once she gets big enough, we can cook her.” All I could do was laugh.

We roamed around the Museum of Science, checking out all the wonders of life in the egg hatchery, met a porcupine and even got to see the famed lightening show.  All of this on our first day!

The girls had more fun the next day when we explored not just Chemistry, but Kitchen Chemistry!  Keesha O’Galdez, resident Gourmet Diva, and our mentor Jeff Teumer (yes, we have boy mentors!) led the girls in making ice cream, butter and playdough – delicious!

We continued our Chemistry adventure over at Merck where we got to tour the labs and make a chemistry concoction of our own –  GAK! Our friends at Merck even gave us take home instructions, so many of our budding scientists went home and made mounds of GAK that night.

Thursday we went back in time, visiting the world of of the past with our resident Archeologist mentor, Bridget Alex.  We made fossils, probed ancient animal teeth, and dissected owl puke.  Your read that right – owl puke [from our pals at Think Geek]!

Our exploration of the past continued at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  The girls learned about cave man tools, animal skulls and so much more!

Friday was our last day together and it was a doosey!  We flexed our engineering muscle and built beautiful planter boxes from reclaimed cedar wood (environmentally friendly, folks!) at the Eliot School.

But we couldn’t just have empty planters, so we headed on over to Allandale Farm and got a tour of the fields and filled our boxes with lettuce, pansies, herbs and other leafy goodies.

Special thanks to all of our wonderful mentors and volunteers, our field trip hosts and to the Boys and Girls Club of Roxbury!

Editor’s note: You may be wondering where the title of this post came from.  Sometimes I wonder if the things we are exposing our girls to are making any impact.  I mentioned above that we visited the Museum of Science and got to see the lightening show. A few days later the older girls were cleaning up their classroom space and it started to rain – they heard the rumble of thunder and some of them ran to the window.  I told them to start counting when they saw lightening and depending on the number, that meant the thunder was X miles away.  Suddenly there was a flash of lightening and they began to count…1…2…3…4…5………8! KABOOM!  They were so excited that it worked!  Then I asked why they thought it worked and a flurry of hands went up.  One of the girls yelled out: “Because light travels faster than sound!” She was correct and this was the highlight of the week I got to spend with these bright girls.

The Plankton Rap:



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