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Thank you, Girls in Tech-Boston! August 12, 2010

Posted by Connie Chow in Events, Executive Director Musings, women in science.
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It’s 8:30 p.m. on a work night. Wouldn’t you feel tired and want to go home? Well, not if you had been attending the Girls In Tech networking event this past week.

Heather Margolis, the energetic manager director of Girls In Tech Boston and owner of Channel Maven Consulting, as well as the board of GIT-Boston, are always thinking about giving back to the community. A consequence of this pay forward thinking is that Science Club for Girls became a beneficiary of their largesse. It didn’t take too much extra work on their part, or ours. (Work smarter, not harder). They decided to ask their participating members to contribute a small “admission” to their regularly scheduled networking event, and the proceeds would go to SCFG to support our programs. Everything Channel and Big Papi’s Grille in Framingham were the sponsors of the event. We’re very grateful for the publicity and the delicious food!

It was certainly a fantastic opportunity to share our work with a group of truly inspiring women–entrepreneurs, patent lawyers, marketing gurus and writers–who were reflective and courageous, bright and engaging.We’ve gained donors,  friends, volunteers and possibly collaborators!  We can’t wait for them to come talk to our girls and share their talents with our organization in other ways.

Truly, nothing is more rejuvenating than speaking with others who are passionate about their work, and who in their dogged trailblazing remember to look back and give back. So why would I want to go home when I could be in the company of these women?

Good thing they’ll have more events planned. Check out the next one featuring women entrepreneurs who have secured venture capital funding, on September 16th!



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