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So Many Clubs, So Many Things in Common November 29, 2010

Posted by koneillscfg in Clubs, Volunteering.

It’s hard to believe, but Science Club for Girls is quickly wrapping up the Fall 2010 semester.  Soon the prisms will sit in darkness, the mock oil spills will be all cleaned up, and the dry ice salesperson will no longer know us by name.  But until then, we have a lot of fun ahead.  From Science Fests to field trips to semester-end celebrations, each site is hard at work and play for a few more weeks.  And then it’s time to get ready for the Spring!

I’ve had the privilege of visiting many Science Club for Girls sites this semester, and one thing I notice over and over again is how excitedly girls enter clubs every week.  There’s usually a thunk of a backpack hitting the floor or a whoosh of a jacket flying off immediately followed by, “What are we doing today?”  And even though I’ve seen all of the science activities before, I can’t help but get caught up in the contagious eagerness with the girls.  Through them, I remember that Science is fun!

Another recurring theme emerges when the girls recite the Science Club for Girls pledge:

We are here today because science is FUN !

We are here to show that science is for anyone.

Any race, any age, boy OR girl.

Science answers questions we have about the world.

We use our brains, our hands,

and we make a big mess.

We investigate together through experiments.

We are the future, the future we will be,

Because Science Club for Girls is for girls like me!


My goal for next semester is to capture on video the sheer enthusiasm (and loudness) when the girls get to that last line.  Because even though we adults like to talk about the impressive number of girls we reach and the number of sites at which we operate, what matters most to our girls is that they have a place to call their own, where they can safely and enthusiastically be excited about science and about being a girl.  That’s a powerful combination.

Last but not least, I notice at all of our sites the commitment of the Science Club for Girls Mentors, Junior Mentors, and staff.  It’s not easy to be “on,” especially when you’re personally in the midst of your own thesis or work-related deadlines.  Yet semester after semester, we have amazing women who join us at Science Club for Girls and share their time, talents, and love of all things STEM with our future scientific leaders.  From the ubiquitous exploding volcano to perch dissections to the science of playdough to mummifying apples, our Mentor Scientists and staff do it all!

I’m proud to be a member of the Science Club for Girls community.  If you’d like to share that feeling, check out our website for ways that YOU can be a part of our Spring semester.  You can see for yourself what I’ve been talking about!

Karen O’Neill, Program Director



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