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Calling all poets and lyricists! Help us win a grant. March 25th deadline March 9, 2011

Posted by Connie Chow in contests, General, Volunteering.
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We need to come up with a 4-to-8-line poem that best sums up our mission and work to compete for the CTK foundation grants up to $10K.  And the best thing, the winner gets an original song based on the poem. I’ve ALWAYS wanted our own song.

We think the “pledge” below for our K-3rd graders written by our former program manager Kareen Wilkinson, whom many of you know and love, is a great start. But it takes a bit of tweaking. (Sorry, Kareen. And we do engineering too, so, em, that’s another challenge). Will you help us??

So here goes:

We are here today because science is FUN!
We are here to show that science is for ANYONE!
Any race, any age, boy OR girl!
Science answers questions we have about the WORLD!
We use our brains and our hands, and we get to make a BIG MESS!
We investigate together through hands-on EXPERIMENTS!
We are the future, the future we will be, because Science Club for Girls is for girls like ME!

I can hear They Might Be Giants singing some version of this already…But they’ll have to license it from us or more properly Bill Dillon, a recording artist who was exonerated through the work of Innocence Project of Florida (speaking of putting science to work for the great social good).

Of course, you are welcome to create an ORIGINAL poem for us. The Foundation’s deadline is March 28th. We’d like your submission by March 25th, so we take the submissions back to the community for a vote.

And yes, feel free to share this with your other favorite nonprofits. (Just don’t tell us we’re not your one true love).

To submit, use the comments section below. Or if you’d like more privacy, send an email to scfg [at] scienceclubforgirls [dot] org, subject: CTK Poem.




1. Phoebe Cohen - March 24, 2011

OK, here’s a crack at a difference version!

We are learning to be scientists and engineers
We are learning to be bold and brave and forget our fears
Asking questions about the world all around
Experimenting and questioning and telling others what we’ve found,
We build rockets, we build bridges, we build our own self-confidence
Science Club for Girls lets us show our inner brilliance!

I admit, the confidence/brilliance rhyme doesn’t quite work 🙂

Connie Chow - March 29, 2011

How’s this? Based on yours, Phoebe.

In training? Yes. But we ARE already scientists and engineers.
Asking questions about the world, simple and profound.
Wondering, testing and telling others what we found.
Learning to be bold and brave and to forget our fears
in spite of our years.
We build rockets, we build bridges, for the thrill of being skilled.
Sisterhood and self-confidence are our shields.

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