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Media Team college interns reflect on their experience on animating climate change August 18, 2011

Posted by Science Club for Girls in Junior Mentors.
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Editor’s note: We are so grateful to have Lanette Simmons and Michael Murowchick work with us this summer, lending their expertise in youth development and climate change. We with them the best in the upcoming semester and do hope to work with you in the future!

These past six weeks at Science Club for Girls have been a wonderful learning experience not only for us, but for the girls as well. The girls we worked with this summer, all came into the program with a limited background in climate change. Nevertheless, they all came in with an open mind as well, and showed an eagerness to learn about a topic that is sure to affect their lives in both the present and the future. Over the course of the summer, we had the pleasure of watching the girls become more confident in their abilities and grow as individuals.

We spent most of our time at the Media Arts Studio in Cambridge, a fantastic complex that is part of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (where Celeste and Doneshia will be incoming freshmen in the fall). There, we were fortunate to be able to work with an extremely knowledgeable and helpful team of animation experts.

The girls’ project for the summer was to create an animation of a topic of their choice that pertained to climate change. Neither we nor the girls had any experience with animations, so this summer was a learning experience for all of us. Over the past few weeks, the girls were able to put together a number of small claymation and stopmotion presentations as part of our longer final project.

In addition, we were fortunate enough to get to spend a day at Boston University to interview Professor Lucy Hutyra for their project. She used to be a mentor-scientist for Science Club for Girls when she was a graduate student.

The girls were able to not only work on their interviewing skills, but able to use footage from the interview in their final project. In addition to the animation project they worked on at the Media Arts Studio, the girls also took part in a number of life skills workshops, science experiments, and field trips.

Working with such a small group, we were able to give the girls one-on-one attention and answered any and all questions the girls had about climate change or about life in general. The girls are getting to the age where they need to start thinking about their future, and we were happy to help them in any way we could. All in all, we both had a great time this summer working with the girls. We both gained valuable experience working with teenage girls, and were able to learn about animations and climate change along the way. Hopefully, we can continue to work with the Science Club for Girls in some capacity in the future, even though we are returning to school in the fall.

-Lanette & Mike



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