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What do you want to be when you grow up? Round robin with role models in science, tech and engineering. October 23, 2011

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Pay it forward. That’s the motto that the 12 amazing women who shared an evening on October 19 with our 50+ teen girls live by. They shared their time. They shared of themselves, their tips for college and career, and their wisdom gleaned from life. Who are these wonderful women?
  • Sandra Glucksman, CEO, Cerulean
  • Pat McGloin, KeyStone Dental
  • Cynthia Gilbert, Hyperion Law
  • Payal Patel, Google
  • Paulina Hill, Polaris Venture Partners
  • Tara Thornton, MathWorks
  • Monica Hall-Porter, Dean College
  • Amanda Thomas, Concert Pharmaceuticals
  • Katie Archard, Architectural Resources Cambridge
  • Kathleen Castagna, EPA
  • and host Mari Anne Shaw, CEO, SophiaThink

Amanda Thomas: Show and Tell on drug delivery

This event was conceived by Ilene Fisher from WEST (Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology), who worked closely with Stacy Wong from Google Cambridge, as well as Googlers Sonie Guseh, Sonia Chung and Chelsea Pollen to plan the evening. Mari Anne Shaw, WEST board member, served as the fabulous MC.

Before the round robin interviews began, girls were treated to a tour of Google by several Googlers. They were impressed of course. After a dinner of pizza, and with some parents present, Mari Anne gave several girls the important opportunity to speak in front of the group to share with the group what they learned. That is such an important part of their training as future leaders.

Sandra Glucksman and Paulina Hill on running biotechs

The girls talked about how their imagination was stretched and the many ideas and gems that they took away. We know they will cherish and reflect on this evening for years to come. Here’s an email we got from one parent.
 I am just writing to thank you very much for sponsoring this event and allowing the girls to meet such a great array of professional women.  Elena shared her notes on each woman and gained much insight into the pathways of successful women.
Here’s another.

I am a parent of a 7th grader who currently participating at Science Club for Girls. I would like to say thank you to all the incredible women who participated and took  time to meet with the girls and share their career path. I know it is not possible to reach everyone at once but one step at a time, a difference in someone’s life can be made. 

Can’t agree more. THANK YOU!!



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