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MadSciMag: cultivating a new generation of citizen science journalists December 20, 2011

Posted by Science Club for Girls in Teens.
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What a pleasure to partner with BetterBio and its brilliant founder Khadijah Britton this fall to launch MadSciMag, a science, media and journalism program “where teens drop mad science”! The theme of the inaugural issue is “What’s in that stuff?”

One team of girls met weekly in Cambridge to do research, develop and conduct interviews, and collaboratively produced a piece about endocrine disruptors in water–bottled, canned, tap, river–you name it. Here’s what they found out. Oh, and they designed the logo and site look too!

“A simple act like buying a can of soda can change everything. Little do you know that this little bottle of joy, meant to quench your thirst, ends up badly affecting the planet.”

– Imani V. Abraham

Another team, the Sciencettes, based at Lawrence CommunityWorks, were equally furious and passionate  to find out and share what’s in the beauty products they use everyday. (No comments about the “girliness” of it please. Read the article for their rationale for choosing this topic).  They took a field trip to Living Proof and even tried to develop their own brand of non-toxic lip balm. Read about their experience here.

We are passionate about keeping our bodies and communities healthy, and we want to spread the word.

Delighted that the inimitable Gladys Gitau who founded What’s Good in the Hood co-led the Lawrence project and that we changed her mind about science! And many thanks to Microsoft Cambridge for hosting the team.

Please comment on the MadSciMag site and let them know what you think. Help us encourage the next generation of girl scientists and journalists!



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