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Mission Hill Gazette profiles our Northeastern University chapter and collaboration March 12, 2012

Posted by Science Club for Girls in SCFG News.
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The original article by  first appeared online on March 9, 2012 in the Mission Hill Gazette. Excerpts below.

Some Northeastern University (NU) students and staff are hoping that, through their work with the Science Club for Girls (SCFG), the next generation of scientists and engineers will include a lot more women.

“Our lives are incredibly dependent on science and technology. Economic success is highly linked to innovation in these areas, most of which are dominated by men. Science and technology jobs are among the highest-paid. We need a female perspective in there,” said high school programs coordinator Meghna Marjadi.

Each SCFG program has a curriculum for the season, NU professor Gail Begley explained. Each week’s session focuses on an aspect of that topic.

NU has the first SCFG student organization and has been hosting a weekly science program since 2010. The NU chapter hosts clubs on campus and the girls come from surrounding communities like Mission Hill and Roxbury…

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