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Rachel O’Sullivan and Healthy Living May 16, 2012

Posted by Science Club for Girls in Alumnae, General Post.
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Rachel O’Sullivan joined Science Club for Girls as a kindergartener and is one of the initiators of the Junior Assistant (now Junior Mentor) program. She also founded our Ghana program. She graduated from Smith College with a degree in health education. She is also a certified doula. She was recently profiled in Teen Voices as a Leading Lady (http://www.teenvoices.com/2012/03/27/osullivan-leading-lady/).

Hello to all at SCFG and their fans! As some of you may know, I am an alum of the program, a daughter of the co-founder and was extremely involved with the start of the international partnership that SCFG has formed with a women’s non-profit in Ghana. Since it has been some time since my involvement with SCFG, I am more than pleased to give you all an update on my most recent adventures.

After my involvement in SCFG in High School, my focus shifted from the sciences and landed on anthropology, something I had been fascinated by since my travels in Ghana in high school. Despite my upbringing in a house where art and science were intimately linked, like most young Americans, I believed that people took two tracks, the “science track” and the “everything else track”. Since I had to be in one place to earn my BA instead of traveling the world, when it came time to pick a major, I decided to pick the “everything else track” where I at least could read about traveling the world. In doing so, my life in the sciences dwindled and the closest I came to the science world was moving my roommates’ lab notebook from my side of the room to hers.

As I studied anthropology and continued to travel, I became aware of a problem with seeing the world as the sciences VS everything else. In the summer between my first year and second year of college, I traveled to Tanzania where I worked closely with nurses and an OBGYN to create a program allowing women access to health information and health care resources, (more…)