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Thoughts from Women to Watch celebration May 15, 2012

Posted by Connie Chow in Executive Director Musings, General Post, women in science.

It was such an exceptional experience (though it shouldn’t) to be in a roomful of highly accomplished women. It was certainly an honor for me to be recognized as a woman to watch by Mass High Tech, amidst CEOs, principal investigators and leads of biopharma, technology and engineering endeavors. It is to Mass High Tech and the selection committee’s credit to recognize that STEM education, even informal education, as squarely a field within science, technology and engineering.

Awardees’ stories were inspirational and instructive (we were told to share advice as if with a sixth grader). Risk taking, perseverance, hard work, finding passion were major themes.

I share mine below.

A: Art is just as important as science.
B. Beautiful experiences are worth hoarding. Beautiful things: worth a look, keep a few.
C. Curiosity keeps you from being cornered by boredom.
D: Dare to think and be different.
E: Eat for enjoyment. Food is a gift.
F: Fail with flair.
G: Goblins may be Outside Over There, but that’s the only way to grow (Note: Hat tip to Maurice Sendak who just passed away).
H. Heroes are ordinary people making themselves extraordinary. And remember, heroes holler and so can you.
I. Imagination is powerful. Imagine yourself full of power.
J. Jump for joy, for your own success and other’s, and for no reason at all.


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